Advantages for Advertisers

  • We have unique bot protection.
  • Adblock will not work because ads come from the same domain as the rest of the site.
  • Supporting charity.
  • Non-profit so we have very low CPM.

The only ad network I can find that respects the users is a-ads and they will not bring in enough to support the site. It’s necessary to bring in something else.
Ads will be needed to fund the two faucets,, and – they can also appear on clickforcharity to go directly to recipients, which can be done directly by the advertiser within the existing wallet system. No need to go through clickforcharity admin at all. 100% direct.

  • Made and maintained by me, so
  • has to be simple and easy, nothing time-consuming to maintain.
  • Easy for advertisers to use.
  • Possibly:
  • Use slots, eg.there are 10 slots,
  • Rotate slots randomly – Use
    Click For More (
  • Advertisers are sponsors
  • Install WooCommerce like on, with subscriptions plug-in so advertisers are notified when next payment is due.
  • No complicated bidding, prices are fair just to cover the cost of payouts.
  • Advertisers are members given the role of sponsor
  • sponsor role can see and use the checkout pages
  • Create a Sponsors page where they can fill in text and attach images.
  • Maybe make a sponsors page for all their ads, where they can post messages too. (or later in the forum on clickforcharity)


At first, 10 slots. Instead of increasing price, maybe add another 10 slots as site traffic increases, adding a sidebar ad to allow more advertisers.
the first advertiser gets all 10 slots until others take them up. 10 is the maximum. (so I’ll lose a bit at first finding out how much extra to charge.)


If we are paying out 10 satoshi per claim, and a claim involves 2 page views (more like 3 really) We can work out in a number of ways. But the simplest is just a flat rate.

  • We know how much we pay out each month. If we have 50,000 claims, that’s 500,000 satoshi. So each ad slot would cost 50,000 satoshi.
  • Each claim comes from a minimum of 3 page views, so 3 ads would be viewed, thus 50,000 satoshi gets your ad viewed 3/10 of the 50,000 claims. 15000 views. That’s a CPM of 15 satoshi
  • For example, Mellowads minimum CPM bid rate is 10,000 – I must have got something wrong…

Another way. 3 views cost us 10 satoshi. so 3 views should cost the advertisers 10 satoshi. So each view costs 3.4 satoshi. So 1000 views cost 3,400. That’s more like it, but still very cheap. Some faucet sites are offering 10 to 14c CPM, at the time of writing, Mellowads 10,000 satoshi CPM is 64c – our 3,400 is 22c. But the other sites have loads of ads, We don’t. Apart from sponsor ads we only have the one a-ads unit.