Jitsi Embed

Trying to embed our jitsi (that link has more details and a video) meeting page (https://meet.jit.si/clickforafrica) in an iframe on the site at clickforcharity.net/jitsi-test. Could use auto iframe plug-in but would still have the problem of allowing mic and/or camera in user’s browser, seeing as it is cross-site. So will try to do it without the plug-in.

Problems, making it fit the page but still be responsive in different devices. blog.addpipe.com has a possible solution to the permissions problem, trying that first.

<iframe height="650" width="100%"  allow="camera;microphone" src="https://meet.jit.si/clickforafrica" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen"=""></iframe>

That seems to work, I get the permission thing pop up in my browser, so far so good. but wordpress is objecting to it, apparently it wants it enclosed in a <figure> tag.

Ok so only problem now is why does it show me as username “back in a minute” ? – weird!

Oh and the other problem is, it is probably not very responsive as I am using height and width html attributes in the iframe tag. Will do for now I guess. If someone can make it good though, that will be erm…. good!

There is a proper way to do it! and this api will allow us to use % in the dimensions, so that should make it responsive I think. I dunno why we use pixels when we have no idea how many a viewer has available, nor how big they are.