Cookie Consent

The simplest way I found to comply with the Government Data Protection Racket is

It goes completely against the aim of the GDPR in that is it easy to use, free, and unlike the EU cookie laws, it is not hideous. It seems to be working on The script is inserted using header and footer scripts plug-in cos I still haven’t got round to child themes yet.

To do the periodical cookie audits I tried some ‘services’ but they were either incomplete, did not work at all, or were expensive. The best way seems to be

get the Attacat cookie audit chrome plug-in
allow it to be active in incognito mode
open an incognito window (so it won’t delete all your cookies)
run it
use their site to help generate the info to put in the cookies part of the site. (example)

Before going to all that trouble, get the site tested to get an idea if you even need a cookie notice. But even if you don’t, you need a privacy policy and loads of other crap-work done.

…but they only found one cookie (their own!!!!) and missed the ones from and, so you get what you pay for I guess! YMMV.

WP cookies list is here. Useful to add info to the cookies page.