Image Embeds

This is harder than video embeds cos most services either discourage or forbid it. To keep bandwidth down it’s best to use as many as possible. That also makes it less of a disaster when one goes down or kicks us off. 

  • We can try bittube and lbry.
  • is open source, and distributed blockchain platform so we can (should) use it and promote it.
  • imgur forbids hotlinking explicitly in the terms.
  • – not sure yet Have one slot for them. 
  • Photobucket works but shows an ‘upgrade’ notice after a few hours instead of the image.
  • tinypic works, seems to be ok about hotlinking. strange cos it belongs to photobucket.
  • – seems to allow it. Nice philosophy. 
  • Flickr – seems not very good, they have a paid version so probably encourage people to go to that. Ads can appear in a slideshow. Not bothering with them.
  • imagevenue seems ok and has been around a long time. No sign-up needed.
  • go through this
  • also this

Here’s something for google photos for now, see