MyBB Mobile Theme


This is my first post that related to MyBB. Recently we started a forum for webmaster and the forum was created by using MyBB Open-source Script. It is very easy to install the forum on our normal C panel server. The main advantage of this forum script was, It has lot of plugins available on the internet. There is a wonderful plugin available on the internet, which will allow the forum to convert its style to mobile theme when visitors comes from mobile. The plugins installation method will change as per the version change of the forum.

Install MyBB GoMobile Theme in MyBB 1.8 Version:

It is very easy to Install the GoMobile theme on MyBB Forums. All you want to do that, Download the latest version of the mobile theme from GitHub Repository. The theme may be not found on the store of MyBB. 

  • Download the latest version of GoMobile theme from : GitHub Repository.
  • Now Upload the files that available in the “Upload” folder to the root folder of the forum.
  • Now you need to activate the theme.
  • Log in to your forum Dashboard.
  • Go to the “Plugin” Section.
  • There you can see the “GoMobile Theme Name” Like the image do below.
  •  You are done.

Now your visitors will see mobile theme when they visit your site through mobile. Your visitors can see the Desktop version when they came through a PC.

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