Don’t have to be black to attack the system that’s stacked against those who can’t hit back.
Don’t feed the greed of those who lead us, deceive and bleed us. Don’t let them impede us.

Words are the weapons of wisdom and peace and reasons the route to release from the beast of babylon.
While tabloids babble on,
Men in suits and ties peddle their lies,
Politicians on a mission sellin fission and guns to the ones who cant get enough to eat
While on the street the sheep bleat about wages and prices and new devices.
Crisis, what crisis? Got cash to spare don’t care what’s out there
But when it all comes home like an overdue loan, too late to moan.
All the politicians, leaders and all the Sun readers won’t know what to do
When the rest of this planet collects it’s due.

Political factions, distractions from action, misguide and fool us, divide and rule us.

Long have you stood here in this field
And though the bark is old and peeled
I know that you will never yeild
The secrets that you have concealed
Within the sap so long congealed

What do you think of me so small?
Or do you think of me at all?

Sleazy smoothtalkin salespolitician
Pushin propaganda into the intermission
Think you’re the bees knees, you’re just a disease,
Sell your own mother just to keep your companies, I’ve had enough

Of all your shit and lies, there’s no more
Comin in through these eyes.
The time has come, it’s the end of the line for you.

See, the people you’re bewildrin, treatin like children
Growin up into a force, and that’s a word you understand.
This world that you’re buildin is a world we’ll all be killed in,
Gotta force you motherfuckers right out of this land.

See your policies ain’t worked because we seen the light
Only thing you’re good at’s makin people fight.
Point across the sea sayin enemy
But the problem is you, not them, not me.

Pullin everybody with you down the road to hell
And anyone that won’t you put them in a cell,
Callin them a criminal but what you really say
Is if we won’t give up our freedom then you’ll take it away.

But no more
We break down the doors.
You can’t hide
Behind your phoney laws.
If you won’t give back our freedom then we’ll take it by force,
so endorse
all your triplicate trash in your final thrash
cos your days are numbered
we won’t be encumbered
by you for long
and that’s the end of the song.