The main difficulty in making financial projections is that most potential contacts we can make would depend on us already having the facilities to attract teachers and organizers. I am putting in some bare minimum achievable things, but there is far greater potential out there. For example, courses need not be restricted to permaculture; any eco-related subject could be covered, as well as any health topic.

Estimates have been made extremely conservatively.

Permaculture courses

  • PDC full course, 10 days. minimum of 20 students, 500 Euro each (our cut) – at least 2 per year. compare – Averages to 1666 per month
  • Permaculture in Action course – same. compare – Averages to 1666 per month
  • Intro Course, 2 days (1 night) 20 students, 50 Euro each (our cut) – 6 per year. Averages out to 500 per month. compare

This is a realistic figure that can be achieved via permaculture experts within our group. We also intend to promote the center via existing permaculture networks and social media. Being a Research Institute within the worldwide network will enhance our reputation.


(Evenings) Run by a qualified chef who is also interested in permaculture. This is a separate business and takes 30% of the gross revenue each month to cover staff costs. If they take 15,000 in a month (20 cutomers per night x 25 Euros) and COGS is 40% (organic is more expensive and meals cost the same as a good non-organic restaurant) then we make 30% of 15k – 4,500. Source


(Daytimes) A separate business, takes 30% of gross revenue (the snacks are high quality, not fast food) to cover staff costs.If they take 12,000 in a month (40 customers 10 euros each per day, and if COGS is 40% the we make 30% of 12k – 3,600


Two practitioners’ rooms. Bookable, 5 euros per hour. Fully equipped with the basic needs, specialist equipment will still need to be brought in by the practitioner. if 10 bookings per day, 50 euros. 5 days per week, 1000 euros per month.


If we have average of two guests (not connected to other activities) just staying, not counting food, 25 euros each single room, 50 euro per night. 1500 per month.

Founding Members

A limited number of founding memberships are allocated. For 20 Euro per month, up to 200 founding members get everything at cost price (restaurant, cafe-bar, shop, therapies). 4000 per month.


Other sources of income, such as seaweed baths, infra-red room, shop etc are longer term and will take time and money to set up, thus they are not counted for the purposes of this initial projection.

Apart from basic costs for the catering side, this does not take into account the running costs of the building and utilities. Actual profit will be considerable lower.