Natural Bee Hives

If priority is pollination and survival of bees, then a natural hive should be investigated.

Flow Hive

If we want honey too, it may be less harmful to the bees to use a flowhive, which has a tap to drain off honey without disturbing the bees.

Microwave Proofing

Protective paint is really expensive ($200 per tin) but cheap to make. Maybe the hives can be 70% surrounded by nets too, to lessen exposure around the hive. More research neeeded. There are nets for beds and mesh for windows in the sites that sell stuff for 5g proofing. Magic rocks etc have no evidence of working at all.


With all the crap humans are making,its not easy for bees to survive. Colony collapse disorder (as if it was their fault!) is now pandemic. Much research is needed into how to give them the best possibility to thrive. This likely means not harvesting honey.

Immune Protection

In the first 10 mins or so of this video, Paul talks about certain fungi and their effect on the viral load of bees. He also mentions some resources that sound worth checking out. Archived as Paul Stamets: Mycology and Mushrooms as Medicines in case youtube finds it offensive sometime.

Also Make sure we have plenty of species that bees love, including those with strong antiviral chemistry like geraniums. We have enough wild flowers and bee mix to do a small area as meadow.