Target Audience

Towards whom do we aim our marketing?

This is true as far as I can tell.

We’re selling web hosting with some advantages over other hosts but we’re selling for bitcoin so we are not aiming at “most people”. In fact, only a tiny fraction of the potential market has any BTC at all.

This can be viewed as an advantage or disadvantage, because it can be both. The disadvantages don’t count because BTC is (at this time) the only viable currency with which we can acheive our goals. So,

The advantages.

No need to rely on slick presentation as we are aiming at people most able to be aware of the world around them (a.k.a intelligence) and willing ot act in a way to help bring about a better future than what the WEF has planned for us.

That’s a good enough advantage that we need look no farther. We can focus on

  • making the website function really well (no need to spend time on trinkets and marketing babble)
  • Adding in free tools that don’t usually go with web hosting plans, especially not cheap ones. e.g. a really good monitoring service that takes no setup on the user’s end.
  • Experimenting with all the different possibilities bitcoin opens up for us, e.g. Open Accounting and streaming payments.
  • Contributing back to the open source community with our additions to the open source software we use (e.g. uptime kuma and the streaming aspects of lightning network.