I am trying to figure my way around the scammy labelling of the supplement industry which is just as bad as big pharma.

Mg vs Fibrin Units –

It’s hard to compare products when different manufacturers use entirely different units of measurement so it makes most sense to go with the ones who use the most meaningful measurement even though it is no guarantee of best quality (because we don’t have enough data to compare the others).

As an example Purebio has 200mg 60 tabs at 34 pounds (about 39 Euros) and has apparently the same for 23.50. Mg is not a very meaningful measure of enzymes.

Vital Organico seems to have a good product at a fair price. Free postage over 40 euros (2 packs will do that).


  • Nattokinase is made by adding Bacillus natto to boiled soybeans.
  • I’ve made soya milk by boiling soybeans so this is much like yogurt or cheese making.
  • Some cheeses such as gouda contain vitamin K2 which is another product that is often made from natto.
  • Nattokinase and K2 have similar effects in the body.
  • K2 in eggs comes not from the hens but from the bacteria on the grass they eat.
  • So maybe we can get the same benefits from some cheeses not just for K2 but for Nattokinase too.
  • This would be an interesting area for research and has probably already been done somewhere but there is no company who would have sufficient financial incentive to make them easy to find for us! Quite the contrary.