Referral Links – Affiliate etc.

If we use affiliate links as a way to raise funds, e.g. when we get users to sign up for sites under the clickforcharity site, or when we have ads in the faucet, we will need a way to validate and account for these commisions we receive.

  • Any account used for affiliate links must be accessible by more than one person, so that it is more difficult to provide false information in the accounts about the amounts received in this way.
  • A public page will be available listing all the affiliations we have.
  • The public accounts will have the facility to add screenshots, scans of receipts etc so we will be able to use htis to show screenshots of the withdrawals.
  • Any on-chain transactions will show the transaction ID or a link to it on a block explorer.
  • With lightning payments You cannot view the transaction history of any node except your own. When we ahve our own node we may find a way for the transaction history to be publickly available.

Links we can use.