Proposal to Help Microlancer Grow.

Short Version: How-to videos and articles.

Search engines seem to favour how-to pages and videos. Rather than just advertising in the normal way, Microlancer could publish a number of How-to articles and youtube videos.

  • Look through all the existing tasks and make each type into a how-to article and if possible a matching video to accompany it. This way we cover video and web search.
  • Think of any other things people might need done that could be done by microlancers and make them into articles too.
  • Push both of those on social media. Not just the mainstream but alt media, especially those associated with crypto like Minds, Bastyon etc.
  • The headlines would be designed to attract the attention of the people who will have the need of the tasks, so they will show in the posts you make.
  • The featured image (that shows in social media posts, previews etc) would be carefully chosen to also attract the attention of those you want to notice you.
  • Have a LBRY/Odysee account and sync the youtube channel with it. Again, this is a site that uses crypto and so it is a higher concentration of your target audience.
  • Possibly use iorad to supplement the articles with a how-to video, or even the site itself by embedding a help section. You can make interactive tutorials too.(the free level will allow this) That’s an idea on its own too.

The how-to articles (e.g. how to increase traffic to your website) could reach people who had never thought of employing microlancers and would never have found the site otherwise.