ES4 (a3adee)

For the monitoring to give notifications when certain events occur.
Primary IP:
Disk Space 100 GB
Bandwidth 3 TB
Memory 3 GB
Cores 1


Installed and running

Trying out (wiki)
Installing via pip3 instructions here.
Website content change detection from behind logins article here.

Having trouble with pip because I don’t know where I can set the PATH variable, but commands work from the directory itself ok.
It’s at /home/andy/.local/bin/
and I put its data directory at /home/andy/changedetection_data

Also it won’t run unless the terminal is open so prefix with command nohup.
Also Also, for some reason it says the data directory doesn’t exist so we have to set it each time (it does exist so we don’t need to create it). So this seems to start the thing up for now:

cd /home/andy/.local/bin/ and then
nohup -d /home/andy/changedetection_data -p 5000
See difference-between-nohup-disown-and & for more info


speedtest image from speedtest service