GOt the Pi working and the node hooked up to the site but it is too risky without someone very experience to make sure we don’t get some scumbag come along and take all our money so for now we can use coinpayments. Below is being kept for possible future reference.

Next (date to be set)

  • set bitcoin-qt to start on boot (like here) – no.4 systemd looks best I think.
  • connect up the node to the site, as per the plug-in’s instructions. I have asked about the necessity of ssh here.

12 Feb 2020

Secure the pi ready for use.

6 Feb 2020

  • change password and my user, get rid of user pi.
  • Do some basic securtity (no idea what but I know there is stuff to be done!)
  • I think I got the port forwarding working, bitnodes recognizes it.
  • Write down how to set up pi to boot without having to plug in screen etc. on the pi page)

15 Nov 2020

  • How to make it so the Pi will boot up without having to plug in the screen?

And, if the node is fully synced:

8 Nov 2020

Reformatted the ext drive as ext4 and restarted the bitcoind. Seems to be ok. The last one stopped at 227893 blocks remaining.

1st Attempt

Installed bitcoin
Launched bitcoin-qt
Set up blockchain directory (on exxternal drive TOSHIBA_EXT
started download of blockchain

Ok for a couple of days then it just stopped. No message, no indicator except that the number of blocks had stopped increasing. Closed (quit) and rebooted. Now it says the disk is full, although it clearly is not full…

So First I need to find out why it is saying it is full. Then how to prevent this happening again. (it was a faulty USB lead),