Old ES 1

Cheap VPS to host ???

Disk Space 100 GB
Bandwidth 3000 GB
Memory 3 GB


Installed and running.

Redundant stuff archived below



Xwiki might be a good relacement for this wiki, and later might also do for the sponsorship pages. Perhaps another instance of xwiki so as not to bother people with ramblings like this.

The Performance section of the Docs has some tips that may be useful, even during installation.

In the installation video below he mentions to use the demo set-up which looks like a good idea. He’s using docker. Alternatively we could use apt.
[ Using docker might make it easier to backup by mapping the folders to the container’s folder. — see https://youtu.be/Dd8_plibBYk?t=599 – that’s not for xwiki but I’m sure the same idea applies.]

I installed it locally by downloading the zip and just running it from the start.sh – but apparently that loads the whole thing into ram and is not recommended for production,

  • Users can choose to be notified when a page is changed
  • Has groups
  • Has Blogs (nice, simple ones!)
  • Has a nice, simple task manager with Kanban board too.
  • We could build our own extensions and add theme, CSS etc.

Speed Tests