Oracle oc-1 (old)

Redundant now, keeping for reference.

  • 4 Arm-based Ampere A1 cores
  • 24 GB of memory
  • 50GB SSD boot volume
  • attached another 50GB storage too.
  • 10 TB per month of outbound data.

All Gone

The oracle VPS satoshihost-oc1 has gone down, I did nothing for many days, its just went down. This is why I dont like using stuff that isn’t managed!

First I logged in and it gave me an interface that looked different, under instances there was nothing showing, in fact nothing showing at all. I fumbled around blindly for a while and then when I set up a VCN ( there were none showing) my instances suddenly appeared again. Then it said they are running. So I tried and it was still down, I found troubleshooting guide, and I found “Kernel oops was detected” tried reboot, still the same, seems like the OS will not fully boot.

Could not use conole either. With these services, the host is only responsoble for the VPS itself, not what’s running on it. For production purposes we still need managed hosting, so that we don’t have to spend any time arguing with support over responsibilities while our customers go elsewhere.

So I start again. At least I have notes for all the installtions. No point in trying hestia etc again with oracle though, maybe I can use it for off-site backups with something like Nextcloud.

Below is now redundant, leaving for reference.

DirectAdmin won’t run on Arm. It is not free anyway. HestiaCP looks ok and does email without a paid version. This should be the aim of our initial project. We will not host a crucial domain on it initially so it will be a stress-free learning period.

Install HestiaCP

see also the hestia page.

  • Currently hosting unused to test hestia etc.
  • When successful with this we could try out Amazon and MS and any others too, so that we will know what is best for projects when the time comes.
  • This could be used to host a faucet site once we are fully familiar with it. It seems to have enough resources. A faucet site is quite busy and would make a good stress-test.
  • This will also be a good exercise to find out if it will be best to use reseller accounts for the satoshihost project (income to pay devs and any costs incurred by the clickforcharity project) or move to a dedicated server when we have enough customers. Mail servers might be enough trouble to make it not worhtwhile.
  • We would need all the things in a normal hosting account if we want to sell web hosting. One way to find out what that is may be to ask on wehostingtalk forum or lowendtalk. Or just read through the threads there.

Install Cockpit

See cockpit page

Speed Tests