Advertising and Promotion

  • Ideally we would have 2 different landing pages, one for the “free” users and another for the “paying” users, so as not to overwhelm. We can call it “free” I think. with the quotes…
  • Faucet(s) can advertise the products most likely to be attractive to the users, e.g. a free minecraft server.
  • Charity site has SatoshiHost as the sponsor, ad in the footer. Same with the faucets.
  • Review section has its own page.
  • If we host a speedtest server we can gain some advertising and “brand awareness”, apparently.


There are forums for vps and hosting topics.

  • looked promising but they will only allow advertising (even in sig or mentioning in posts) to paying sponsors, and sponsors have to give a registered company number to be considered. They clearly don’t care about freedom and have nothing in common with us. They also seem to want users to pay for other things too, like a domain auction, they want $7 for.
  • looked promising and still did after reading most of the rules. Has a free hosting section too.
  • looks ok too. Also has a vps section.
  • Post4vps has sponsors who donate a VPS so we can do that maybe. Need to read more on the site.
  • has vcoin, seems like we can use for ads, claims to be “the biggest”. Need to read more.

Other Places

Now has its own page.


For normal ads, e.g. via the ad networks, the following may be useful.

Mellowads 20 Nov 2016

  • unique views 11,321
  • unique clicks 51
  • new refs 7
  • cpc 0.0001 (lowest price)

cost 0.005
Geo-Targeting – All countries
Advert ref – 2BF72683F3D4
cpm 10,000 unique views at 0.001 (lowest price) would be 0.01
cpc seems better than cpm in this case.