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I noticed when I was doing research into free hosting that more often than not my keywords brought me into someone’s review site. I had the idea to post reviews of all the different free web hosting sites on the actual sites themselves. I tried it but my design skills are pretty limited.

  • Each would link back to satoshihost with an eye-catching thing to see more free site reviews. Good SEO (though I care little about that mostly, in this case it would be useful).
  • Satoshihost has a page with summaries of all free sites with links to each review. Perhaps a table layout.
  • We can frequent all the forums where people talk about free sites and low-end type subjects. These are extremly busy sites. Much of this would be done by the reviewers themselves anyway.

It seems crazy to review your competition, especially to do it fairly and honestly, but no matter what glowing reviews we give, we know that for most users we offer a far better deal.

My purpose in researching these sites was mostly for our friends in Africa and elsewhere who can’t afford web hosting, or perhaps can afford the likes of godaddy (spit!) and would be at least as well served with a free site. The free sites don’t offer the amazing deals that godaddy offers, but then neither does godaddy in reality, and our friends have better things to do with their money or time than get ripped off by corporate web sharks.

This means that we would be providing a good useful service to people who can benefit from it and at the same time attracting traffic from the exact audience we want to see our projects.

A general how-to section would be good too. For example, some of the free hosts have horrible page builders but they have a file manager so you can upload anything. How to get templates and modify them and then upload them – that kind of stuff.


There are people who love doing reviews and people who would love a chance to show off their skills too – sure we could get volunteer reviewers, recruit from the forums, and pay them with free VPS or Web hosting.

Only the free sites that were consistent and usable are listed. Many sites have been tried and failed to work properly or had bad support, obtrusive ads, pop-ups or other tricks. These were deleted and will not be reviewed.

They can also be a portfolio to show the work of our web developers or reviewers, thus acting as an ad for them. We can put an ad (box) in the site linking to the web dev section of the main site. (probably on

  • Test out the support options and report on them
  • Use some of the features in the site itself
  • note especially any unique, rare or particularly well-implemented features
  • make a link to the uptime stats via from each site (example satoshihost) or use their api keys to embed something in the page.

These sites (and the overview page) can be advertised on forums etc.

Ads can be placed on any sites that allow it. (not google etc cos they suck)

Main questions to be answered in a box on the main review: (tick or ranking)

  • provider ads
  • own ads allowed
  • disk space
  • bandwidth
  • type of control panel
  • email

For each review there could be a box summarizing the main advantages of the free hosting plan, and maybe disadvantages too. The design of each site will be different, showing the best aspects of that host, but some things will be constant, e.g a Home page and pages for tools, service etc.

All sites contain a link back to the main review, with a brief, standard text description.


Some may be out of date now.

Free templates

might be useful for where there is ftp access.


Free Hosting

Free “cloud” services (inc VPS)

our free instances are on the Servers page.

Free Domain Names

  • gives free subdomains. Useful to try stuff out with.
  • does free domains but really unreliable, could stop you any time with no reason given.