Mailing List

We will have a lot of users with lottofaucet and maybe roflfaucet too. We could do what do and have a mailing list that gives a reward to recipients, e.g. free lotto tickets etc. Mail services are hideously expensive, but we could use 5 or 6 different ones at the free level to cover up to around 20,000 users. Once a week would be plenty. Even once a month.

A mailing list of thousands is worth much more than any amount of effort on “social” media. We have control over the list and are not at the mercy of some soyboy spoilt brat.

  • Themeisle has a list of their best 6.
  • Also google will allow up to 500 per day, so that’s 3,500 users once a week.
  • Advertise, and anything else we want to promote.
  • Thousands of users all of whom are exactly our target market.

It may also be possible to use our ISP’s built in email servers, if we can stagger sending. We would also need to get a fixed IP address but that’s only 1.50 a month and probably worth getting anyway. It seems we can send 1000 per day in the account limits. That’s plenty for and as well as when we resurrect it. It may be enough for faucets too, we will see.

  • Can we make a mail queueing system to stagger sending over some days?
  • Can we cross-refer mail lists so as not to send to someone who is on one of the other site’s lists?
  • Sort out DKIM etc.
  • Add on the unique IP address.