Official site of the Badilsha Eco-Village Foundation Trust.

What we need

Just a basic website where they can post updates and pages about their projects, and have contact info etc available to the public. Once the basic site is done, it will just be a matter of supporting them if they have any needs to be fulfilled.


It needs to be fast for low bandwidth users, hence a bare minimum of plug-ins (e.g. essentials such as wordfence). It will have good content and thus doesn’t need fancy gimmicks. We build our own networks, no need to make special effort for the likes of google, who are biased anyway. The site will be automatically optimized by having content relevant to its audience.

See also the notes on image optimazation.

RSS to

We want the posts from to automatically into the badilisha category on the clickforcharity site. I have not installed it yet but it seems that WPeMatico will do what we need.


We use the Kadence theme because it is not bloated, and has amazing flexibility in design possibilities.