A Ghanaian organisation to promote the use of bitcoin in Ghana. also redirects to it. DS supports and promotes this org as one of its projects, but it is its own independent entity and makes its own decisions.


  • Set up a crowdfunding page to raise money to give the project a kick-start. They can use the btcpay system to advertise ongoing fundraising.
  • Provide free web hosting


Just some ideas to work on.

  • Set up a linkedin page for it and use the account to advertise for promoters and marketers. Make sure it is clear we want them to do marketing not tell us how to do it. Yeah they are strange people.
  • Find out how to do a press release properly (but beware of falling into the trap).
  • Make a list of places to send a press release to.
  • Make an article for Lee to publish.
  • Post a task on microlancer etc (but make sure only real accounts with real followers). Get them to search bitcoin4ghana and then repost and like bitcoin4ghana post about the project. Make sure the post has a good headline and working image.
  • Organise an event in a venue in Accra (?) to invite everyone in Ghana and elsewhere to come and discuss bitcoin for Ghana, a conference. Fundraise for this as the second campaign.