• ClickForCharity is not charity. We just have to call it that for the same reason that we have to write shorter sentences.
  • It is actually an endorphin, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin provider.
  • There are better names for it but they are either in use or (more often) in the hands of domain parasites.
  • It is a system, not an entity.


It’s crucial to separate out the funding part from the charity part. This way we avoid becoming an NGO. “We” become the funding entity and thus control that funding fully, removing all need to cater for other entities’ agendas (e.g. UN Millennium Development Goals). Clickforcharity becomes a system that people can use which (almost) belongs to no-one.


The system is designed for people who seek Freedom To Live In Abundance. It can be used by others but they are not considered in any way in design decisions.

Open Source

There’s no point in duplicating the work of others. WordPress already provides a lot of what we need. ClickForCharity can be an open source wordpress plug-in. can be where verified projects are hosted at no cost to the users. The verification is networked and part of the plug-in. Verification is similar to the PGP concept of Web of Trust.

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