ClickForCharity is not a charity. It’s a system for people to do simple tasks to earn small amounts of bitcoin and then allocate it to their chosen recipient. It uses common internet technologies that people are familiar with.

Users can sign up and are allocated bitcoin addresses that they can use to do various online tasks to gain bitcoin rewards, such as:

  • Surveys
  • Games
  • Paid-To-Click Sites
  • Microtasks Sites
  • Bitcoin Faucet Sites

We give them addresses to use so no knowledge of how bitcoin works is needed. They simply use the addresses to collect rewards and then via our system they can choose which recipients to send their funds to.

The site itself can also generate some revenue from advertising, and we can have our own paid-to-click scripts and whatever else we want. There are limitless possibilities. We can tokenize that aspect of it to provide the same kind of dopamine rewards that many other sites use. This aspect of the site can be done first as it is relatively easy to do.

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

?The projects that clickforcharity users fund will be the same ones that will eventually be used for, the difference being that directsponsor will involve people using their own money in regular monthly sponsorship commitments.


It’s crucial to separate out the funding part from the charity part. This way we avoid becoming an NGO. “We” become the funding entity and thus control that funding fully, removing all need to cater for other entities’ agendas (e.g. UN Millennium Development Goals). Clickforcharity becomes a system that people can use which (almost) belongs to no-one.

Open Source

All our projects must be open source, so that they can be eventually a distributed system, Thus we either write our own code or use code that is already open source.

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