Our Competition

Other sites that claim to be for charity. I have yet to find anything that lets you send 100% to a recipient. Not one that is easy to find out how much they keep for themselves, how much they waste, etc

Ignore this section, I’m just leaving it as a reminder of how horrible things can be if you don’t keep your original aims in mind. Thankfully we don’t need to go down this route. Some of these entries may be out of date now.

  • wowapp.com is just another “donate to charity” thing with a load of socialist mumbo-jumbo to make it sound appealing to errrmm… socialists.
  • wowapp.com
  • Greatergood.com seems to just want you to click on links that go to pages asking you for money. It’s not apparent how this alone gains them any money. In any case its yet another indirect fundraising for “charity” organizations.
  • clickforcharity.org -squatted (parasites!)
  • careclaimer.com – they pay to orgs so not really competition. Needs further investigation. Hard to see how much % actually goes to the orgs, not that that is any indication of what gets through or how ‘good’ their work is.
  • clicktogive.com “all profits” does not equal “all money”, (but I guess you need a devious mind to realize that) and is no indication at all of how much actually goes where you think. It’s like “natural” on food labels; it means nothing. Edit: and now it is squatted too.
  • see also http://www.nicethingstodo.net/freeclicksites.html – some of these run close to breaking Google’s rules, (asking to click on an ad) though most are careful. Oh my, I just looked through a few of their links, it looks soooo scammy!

A quick search for “view ads for charity” brings up lots of hits. Invariably the sites concerned “give money to charity”, but I’ve been unable to find any that really give all you earn by your efforts to an actual charity, let alone 100% being used to fund something specific and identifiable. None I have found offer any way to get involved beyond viewing ads either.