Income sources

Paid To Click

Third party sites can be used and we can build our own once we have some traffic and reach.

Link Swap sites

These are bad for SEO in general I think but we don’t care about SEO! All the same we could make the links go to a landing page on another domain so as not to dilute the value for ad networks (not sure how they asses things now as it’s been a few years since I was doing that stuff).

Not sure if this is worth doing.

Ad Networks

At first we will be limited but as we gain more traffic we can add the higher paying ones.

  • is a good one and very privacy oriented. We already have 0.00045279 balance there.
  • will approve accounts immediately and don’t care how busy the site is. Apparently pays out btc so we could try it.
  • once we have more traffic we can try coinzilla mellowads etc.