Lightning Network

This page has become redundant – leaving it for reference though. See the BTCPay Server page instead.

Below Is Redundant

Need to set up the wallet on a USB key for cold storage.
but use electrum instead.

Currently our node is on managed hosting to give us better security.


  • How do we issue command to the node? It’s in a docker container, so far I have been able to get getinfo to run using ./ getinfo but it’s not clear to me. Could I run other commands? Does this call up another shell that I could use or what? I don’t know exactly what this is doing. Seems to be calling a shell script but then there is getinfo tagged on too.
  • Github – I don’t know how to use github effectively. This is not just lightning, I know, but could you help us to sort out our github presence better?

May be useful tools

Loop Loop Out serves as a bridge, allowing funds to be sent out of the Lightning Network to “on-chain” destinations -increase inbound capacity. Rebalancing and looks like will be useful for managing cold storage.

Below Is Redundant

We could eventually use lightning network. I thought it is not developed enough to be reliable yet really, but if we ran our own node we could enable direct transefers ourselves by opening channels where needed to reach our recipients.

This is for games but we could do something similar. Maybe.

[edit] It turns out the plugin only gives you a qr for the app, obviously ours would need to work on all devices.

Blockstream has a service called Greenlight which at the time of writing at least is free and seems ot be a nosde which we could seamlessly move to our own servers