Phase 1

A simple page to visit with some ads and whatever else, give users tokens. Tokens get valued based on income from ads at end of each month. Users can allocate to a project or keep for next month. Can add in anything that pays per view.

  • Give 10 tokens per action
  • Add up revenue at the end of each month and divide by the total number of tokens to get a token value.
  • Users choose to give their tokens to a project or to keep them for the next round.
  • Hosting is provided for free by satoshihost (banners!)
  • Ask users to refer (give referral % like faucets).

Revenue Sources

  • use Ad2Bitcoin and A-Ads initially.
  • browser mining page
  • paid-to-click site
  • paid link shorteners

Advantages of starting with this

  • We can advertise this in places where we could not advertise things like satoshihost or even a faucet.
  • Costs us nothing upfront.
  • Can have Evans project in Kenya as the pilot for it.
  • Need some kind of chat in there or forum for Evans project so they can communicate about it.
  • Add an anonymous donation button which will add to that month’s total and make each token worth more (this way I can put some in at first to make it look better).
  • Put in 2 high visibility ad slots with price for one month (call it sponsors). Satoshhost can be the filler for it unless someone takes it.

Make a page/pages in btcpay crowdfunding, we just pay in the total for the month for each project, depending on what the users selected.

Accounts in a simple spreadsheet presentation.