Phase 1

We are suing SMF forum script to get started with some basic tasks. We will advertise for some volunteers to use every aspect of the forum and help us to get it all started.

The Phase 1 site will:

  • Give a source of income to get the projects started.
  • Provide us with a starter community.
  • Enable us to ask volunteers to do things that we need like promoting stuff on social media etc and among their own networks.
  • Make the project more attractive to get volunteer devs to help out.
  • Build some traffic so we can get more ad networks and thus increase income.

SMF Wiki has good documentation of all features.

Below Is Redundant

Temporary about page

Welcome to phase one of clickforcharity! This is a part of – the worlds’ first peer-to-peer charity system.

The site will eventually enable users to raise funds for charitable projects by completing simple tasks online. 100% of funds raised will go directly to the recipient. There is no middleman and thus nobody taking their cut – it all goes to your recipient.

Senders are in direct contact with recipients and can see the results of their efforts unfold in real time. you’ll be able to see blog posts and videos about recipients’ progress and everyone can interact in the forum and the site chat.


A simple page to visit with some ads and whatever else, give users tokens. Tokens get valued based on income from ads at end of each month. Users can allocate to a project. If they don’t choose it is split evenly. Can add in anything that pays per view.

  • Give tokens per action according to time/difficulty.
  • Add up revenue at the end of each month and divide by the total number of tokens to get a token value.
  • Users choose to give their tokens to a project or to keep them for the next round.
  • Hosting is provided for free by satoshihost (banners!)
  • Ask users to refer (give referral % like faucets). (not initially if it will slow things down).

Revenue Sources

  • use Ad2Bitcoin and A-Ads initially.
  • browser mining page
  • paid link shorteners

Advantages of starting with this

  • We can advertise this in places where we could not advertise things like satoshihost or even a faucet.
  • Costs us nothing upfront.
  • Can have Evans project in Kenya as the pilot for it.
  • Need some kind of chat in there or forum for Evans project so they can communicate about it.
  • Add an anonymous donation button which will add to that month’s total and make each token worth more (this way I can put some in at first to make it look better).
  • Put in 2 high visibility ad slots with price for one month (call it sponsors). Satoshhost can be the filler for it unless someone takes it.

Make a page/pages in btcpay crowdfunding, we just pay in the total for the month for each project, depending on what the users selected.

Accounts in a simple spreadsheet presentation.