Project Management

Redundant – keeping for reference

Below Is Redundant

  • Project management (kanboard)
  • Chat
  • Rocketchat
  • Blogs
  • Forum
  • Can we take open source projects and incorporate them into our system?
  • Can we get devs interested?

E.g. I didn’t like using kanboard. There seems to be nothing amiss functionally, but it doesn’t feel like using an app. That doesn’t usually bother me but in this case I know how hard it is to get a team together and keep them together etc. We want to be able to give all these people who interact using our system (this is why it has to be open source! so if it is successful it won’t be able be abused. Well it will, just not by people who want to take it over, which is the group that we primarily aim to prevent. A couple of subclauses later we may get to the point. These are the users:

  • Developers
  • Sponsors
  • Recipients
  • Potential future instances of the above.

So we need tools for them that don’t feel like what they are, cos that will remind them of work. We need people who are interested in the projecs but need a break from work. So we need interfaces that are like the websites they enjoy going to.

So, with the example of Kanboard, maybe we can make a start. -log-in needed.

We’re using kanboard. It seems fairly easy to use which was the most important thing. Here is an overview someone put up for his users, showing how to use it. If you are a volunteer and don’t want to use it, that’s fine – it’s just there for anyone who does.

Stuff below is redundant, left for reference. I tried out loads, stand-alone and wordpress plugins. Nearly all were too complicated for what we need.

Trying out OpenProject – seems OK, has a lot of users. We will see…