…for want of a better word. Things people can do in the site.

Ad Exchange

Simple like which doesn’t work but is simple! [ok it works now!] We have maybe 2 ads on each page, which is our income, and we give 1 to 1 or very close.


We probably need a certain levle of traffic befoe we can do that.

Faucet List

has its own page

Telegram Group

Something like this might work out profitable…


If we use a crowdfunding platform they tell us to fill out the page and then reach out to our network and send people to fund us. Why would we spend our own time or money to send people to someone else’s platform when we can as easily make our own?


Set up a crowdfunding page with a brief description of the project and ask for funds to pay the devs. Mention the open accounting and that they will be able to know exactly where their money goes. We could use anything gained there to advertise in places like microlancer and and pay existing devs. The ads would be recruitment of new devs.

Long Term

BTCPay seems to have a decent built-in crowdfunding platform. We could add it and offer crowdfunding for free. Lightning or BTC.

  • Useful to be able to let people put single projects into our system
  • It will work like other corwdfunding sites and push traffic to us, so it’s a win all round.
  • It can be public, with appropriate warnings. Whatever checks companies do we have to replace. One possibility is a system like the web of trust that PGP keys use. The community does the checking and forum members gain status over time – maybe via gamification of the site. (How does do it?)
  • Our own recipients might have or be involved in projects that would benefit from a one-off injection of funds for a particular purchase.