We’re at a very early stage of the project, but it has been tested out and works. We’ve already sent about $2000 to the pilot project in Kenya, This is a great time to get involved.

Short-Term Plan

Fix up the present site which is cobbled together quite unprofessionally using a lot of plugins and likely not very good css etc. to compensate for the worst aspects of the plug-ins and theme.

  • We have a high balance on one site where we can advertise for beta testers and pay them with site currency. 10 should be adequate.
  • We have a token system installed on the site to reward testers per action they perform.
  • We also have about 1,500 dollars in BTC to send through to Evans (the pilot project) via the beta testers. I will just send about 150 to each beta tester and ask them to send it to Evans.

Long-Term Plan

Create a parallel site with all the functions and features of the present one, but with a single, efficient, purpose-built theme and plug-in. Make this open source so that the project can be freely copied by anyone.

There is a use case scenario page to outline the different parts of the system and how they are provided.