Payment System

The payment system can be used for all 3 sites. We need to make it all available to the public with only the identifiable info removed. The eventual blockchain transactions will be enough to show it was all legit. The internal transactions don’t matter in this context. E.g. clickforcharity users can see all transactions sent internally to a recipient, and in the public accounts, their own personal remittances are privacy protected by having a user number that is known only to them. This should fulfill our “open accounting” promises.


Payments in

Users can generate as many addresses as they need. Their addresses are listed in a section of their accounts page and this section can be linked to for easy access.

Payments out

Users can transfer internally to other users. This will differ according to which site we are on.

  • lottofaucet – send internally to buy lotto tickets, advertising etc.
  • lottofaucet – send to any address as a direct payment but with fees and limits
  • lottofaucet – send to faucetpay (separate api – not sure how this is to be done
  • satoshihost – send internaly to pay for their hosting (by the hour for the bandwidth and e.g. monthly for the disk space and other static charges )
  • clickforcharity – send internally to users with the recipient role
  • clickforcharity – send externally to withdraw their funds (recipient role only).

Payment accounts can be listed for the user to check in their account page.

Electrum has a retailer API – it may solve our difficulties. More research needed.