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The regulations that site owners are forced to comply with only give an illusion of privacy. Governments and big corporations don’t care at all about your privacy, in fact, they would rather you had none. It’s better to understand that and not ask the predators to protect us.

Rather than wade through those regulations to see if we might be in danger, we thought it would be quicker to just write all this stuff anyway. We think if you take a look (pdf), you’ll agree. (scroll down… it’s unbelievable, no wonder they need all those billions in taxes!)

Do you feel safer now?

And there is more crap on the way too, see Update on EU’s Copyright Reform Proposal (this failed to get through but these control freaks will keep coming back until we wake up and remove them.)


We don’t ask for any personal info except your email address. If you like, you can use a different address set up just for this site, or even something like (but then we would not be able to contact you). You must accept that anything you enter in the site could be leaked or stolen by third parties. Nothing is 100% secure anywhere.

Over time, we aim to get rid of anything google, facebook, etc, but for now, there may be a bit of tracking going on from them. It’s hard to do a site without that getting in these days.

We’ve made it relatively easy to make it difficult to identify you if you want it to be, at least on our side. The rest is up to you.

To see what referer headers this page is sending from your browser, follow this link.

For more in-depth view of browser tracking see this PixelPrivacy page, and the rest of that site for more privacy-related content and solutions.


For ads, we use, who don’t track you. All other ads you may see are hosted on our own server.

Site Metrics

Instead of using an external site analytics service we use our own instance of Matomo located on our own server. The purpose of this tracking is to see what sites our visitors come from, what pages they view and which links they leave from. IP addresses are anonymized.

By doing it this way we protect users from cross-site data analysis. Find out more on this excellent site. (give it a while to load…)

Social Media

We offer you the possibility to use so-called “Social” Media Buttons. The share buttons are implemented as static images, which contain a link to the corresponding social network site. If you click on such a button, you will be redirected to the respective social network site in the same way, as normal links would do as well. If you do not click on such a share button, no data will be transmitted.


If you’re not a member, these are the cookies we found in our last audit. For the most up-to-date cookie scan, see the cookie scan page.

For Members, we use additional cookies to track wallet transactions and to save you from being logged out each time you open a new page.

Profile Data

Your username and email address are stored in the site’s database, and used to allow you to log in to the site. Access to the database is not given out to anyone, unless government thugs demand it with threats of violence, in which case we will “comply”.


Cookies are used on the site because without them the system has no idea what you just did. Cookies provide a way to make it possible for you to use the functionality of the site. The only personally identifiable information in these cookies is your username.