Regenerative Health

To Do

  • Add photos (2 each) for the 4 therapy blocks on the homepage.
  • Add short text to the therapy blocks.
  • Add Bios for Yoga and Zumba.
  • Add some blog posts so we can delete the dummy ones.
  • Test out and learn the booking system (Lena’s).
  • Finish Client Stories, Studio and Packages pages.

Booking System

Using Booking Activities Plug-In for Lena’s Yoga and Zumba. The Massage and Training pages have email, phone and contact form.


  • Install Wordfence Security plug-in and configure
  • Install anti-spam plug-in, use existing honeypots for Stop Spammers from clickforafrica account.

Social Media

Tried numerous plug-ins to make auto post to social media but it seems the parasites have made it difficult. It’s relatively easy to just paste a url into a socila media page, and the plug-ins seem to have a far less simple operation. Example: Blog2Social.