Bitcoin faucets give out free bitcoin in return for pageviews bearing ads. It’s difficult to make money from them, as ad revenues is quite small, but for advertising something it;’s a very cheap and possibly free way to do it, and to reach the exact market segment we need.

We need:

  • Paying customers for
  • “Free” customers for the free version of
  • Volunteers for the program
  • geeks, promoters, coders, volunteers, sponsors etc for everything

Faucets are generally pretty boring, you just see a load of ads, some tricks to get extra page views, and maybe a timer to keep you on the site longer. You earn a few satoshi. Roflfaucet is different.

  • Cartoons and other funny pics interspersed between the ads, make people more likely to see the ads and maybe click one.
  • A short (not more than 30 sec) video clip (funny) instead of a timer
  • Video clip also contains answer to anti-bot puzzle.
  • Option to donate reward to the clickforcharity fund

Rough Costings

A low rate PTC is around 30c per 1000.
A popular site like pays $0.0018 per claim (4 sat at time of writing).

30c/1000 = 0.03 or

.0018 x1000 = $1.80

It is 6x cheaper to run a faucet than to use PTC advertising.