Bitcoin faucets give out free bitcoin in return for pageviews bearing ads. It’s difficult to make money from them, as ad revenues are quite small, but for advertising something it’s a very cheap and possibly free way to do it, and to reach the exact market segment we need.


Faucets are generally pretty boring, you just see a load of ads, some tricks to get extra page views, and maybe a timer to keep you on the site longer. You earn a few satoshi. Roflfaucet is different.

  • Cartoons and other funny pics interspersed between the ads, make people more likely to see the ads and maybe click one.
  • A short (not more than 30 sec) video clip (funny) instead of a timer
  • Video clip also contains answer to anti-bot puzzle.
  • Or send them to odysee to view the video there and get more views (puzzle answer in description so we can change it easily).
  • Option to donate reward to the clickforcharity fund

Link to sites we benefit from

We were able to use a paying site for the images, 2 in fact, but one is gone and the other has gone stupid so roflfuacet will have to be sad for a while.

There are social media type sites out there with their own coins, and pocketnet has shown that if they have some success their coins can be worth something. So this needs more research. For perspective, I made about 3.5k dollars from pocketnet without the help of a big site to send followers, and still have 500 coins in there.

One site that is gone now paid BTC for popularity of posts. We should keep a lookout for anything similar again.

For images (like animated gifs) we can just make the image an anchor and link to the post.

Videos and anti-bot

We can embed a short funny video from our odysee channel (was going to be youtube but they are evil scum and will demonetize us or worse when they see we don’t support satan). This will get us odysee views. It will also advertize our channel with our reflink and get some hits.

The Video will contain the answer to an anti-bot question, so they can claim from the faucet. We can change the video regularly e.g. hourly but we need to make sure it doesn’t change while someone is watching. We can do this by havingmore than one faucet first page, and changing that page so that when new people come to the new one just added the system will know the answer came from the new page.

OR: We send people to the video page on odysee and the video page contains a link back to the faucet. This can be required in the referer header as a check that they actuially went to the odysee page. Referer header can be spoofed, maybe origin header would be a better one to use. (I did this previously with referer header, details are here, might save some time.

Well, that’s the bare bones of it, we will need to flesh it out a bit but it could give us a much higher traffic on odysee and earn us some coins. Other paying video platforms might work too. Youtube would have been useful because it has those panels you can make appear at the end, so we could even change the captcha on the vids without editing the vids.

Also is another site we can use. Some sites will pay coins for referrals, but mostly we will be relying on getting something from people signing up and then liking our stuff.