If we can set up a hosting site and gain enough customers, we will be able to provide free hosting and more for the clickforcharity project. That hosting could be purpose designed for the projects.

  • Initially using a basic reseller hosting plan.
  • Upgradeable to a directadmin VPS from 15 dollars up to 50 dollars a month
  • Then can be transferred to a dedicated server.

It might be a lot less work to keep the reseller plans and offload all the admin to the host. Licenses for things like Cloud Linux and a Control Panel are only cheap when you buy a huge bunch of them.

Temp stuff

Perhaps a third column for people who already know they will need significantly more. Needs to cover:

  • The pricing for extra bandwidth/ram etc.
  • Tell them if they have a large or busy site to contact for a custom set-up. Mention own VPS and other options. Tailor-made pay as you go plan. Maybe link to another page. Even just say “I will need much more than this” then link to a page or modal that gives the options. It can say if you only need more bandwidth etc what costs are and that they will need to deposit more to cover it.
  • It’s already getting complicated… Need to figure it out.