Beta Testers

We need some beta testers to test out our system and give some feedback on user experience etc

  • Go to
  • create an account
  • Join the Telegram group.
  • Send me your LN address in the Telegram group, I’ll send you enough for the deposit,
  • Pay a deposit using lightning network (fees are too high right now for on-chain tests)
  • Order your one month hosting

Let us know:

  • did you get a confirmation email on signing up?
  • on making the deposit?
  • on ordering your service?
  • What parts were not easy and how could they be improved?
  • We won’t be offended, go ahead and say what you think.
  • Thanks for helping out with testing the payment system and website. If you’d like a year of free hosting let us know in the telegram group and help us to test out the hosting part of the service too.