LetsEncrypt – SSL

LetsEncrypt SSL is available in all our services. This is the best SSL there is.

  • What is Let’s Encrypt and how does it differ from other certificate authorities?—Let’s Encrypt provides free and uncorrupted website certificates, making web encryption more accessible and secure for both users and website owners, unlike other untrustworthy certificate authorities.
  • How do certificate authorities validate website entities?—Certificate authorities validate the entity and can be issued by untrustworthy certificate authorities, allowing them to intercept and decrypt traffic, making it crucial for web encryption.
  • What potential risks are associated with root certificate public key files?—Root certificate public key files pre-installed on devices allow anyone to call themselves a certificate authority, potentially turning web encryption into surveillance tools, making it easier to intercept encrypted web traffic.
  • How does Let’s Encrypt ensure website safety from surveillance?—Let’s Encrypt provides a secure internet bastion with certificates that ensure website safety from surveillance, using its own DNS and issuing certificates that are only valid for 3 months, making it difficult for fake certificates to be issued.