VPS Hosting

We have a reseller account with very configurable options. Ethernethosting.com will let us add resources as and when we need them. Testing out 2 at 4.99 for now.


To give an idea of the potential demand for a “free” VPS, here’s an anecdote. I found a thread on lowendtalk forum where cloudrino.net were advertising a free VPS for life. There was a waiting list. By the time I found the thread and signed up the waiting list had 140,000 emails.

Specialized VPS

The “free” version could have things like minecraft servers and other gaming things as well as the usual VPS ranges. The people who do faucets etc are often the same people into gaming and are often too young or too poor to have bank accounts, now they don’t need one.
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Other uses include running forex software. More research is needed!

Old stuff archived below.

We can provide VPS. I managed to get it working as a reseller, embedding the user’s control panel in a page in the site. This could be done a lot better when coded in professionally.

Virmach started using cloudflare and now the panel will not show in an iframe. I have written to ask them if they can fix this or offer a better way. If Virmach turns out no good, Cloudcone looks ok, configurable and starts at 15 dollars (for now, at least).

What we are “competing” with are the free VPSes we see advertised from time to time. They attract large numbers of users and only a very few actually get one.