Reseller Hosting

  • We have one reseller account costing $10 per month.
  • Seven paid accounts are hosted on it, at $30 per year each.
  • The clickforcharity/directsponsor/satoshihost and other sites are thus cost-free.

It’s currently done manually (personal service!) but I asked the host support and got this reply:

Are you looking at offering your end-users VPS offers or shared hosting accounts (which would be setup in your reseller accounts)?

For the shared / hosting accounts,

DirectAdmin does have an API --
As well as you can use something like WHMCS or Blesta to manage orders/invoices/payments as well

For the VPS side,

We do have a API for this, but it is more on the VPS management side, VPS purchase/creation is not available via the API currently
We do have a module for WHMCS as well,

admin side:
client side:

For the VPS plans we can offer you discounts as well when reselling the plans onto your end customers 
Ticket ID: #661000

The billing systems are either expensive or open source and only Box Billing seems to be maintained. Also we are working with satoshi and not necessarily fitting people in to a plan system. Really we need our own. Thinking about it, that was inevitable if we are going to disrupt the industry, or even just be different and remain obscure.

This need not be huge and complicated either. All we need is

  • a running balance that gets debited at intervals
  • customer can top up at any time
  • We can set the amount and the interval that the deductions are made.
  • That amount can be later coded to be attached to usage meters perhaps, to automate it.
  • system sends out warnings at certain preset low balances.

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