Other Possible Hosting

Other Services we may provide


Kasm workspaces are instances that users access via a browser. It says its open source but the description says its free to non-profits, individuals etc so not sure if we could do it. Worth a look anyway.

Secure Office Suite

https://www.onlyoffice.com/resellers.aspx – reselling of secure office suite.

Tor .onion Hosting

Ablative Hosting is an example of hidden hosting, can be set up on a vps. The linked site is crap though – the tor site doesn’t work – had to go to their clear site. Still it describes it all well. Onion hosting, tor hosting. I was unable to use it via tor so there’s an imporivement we could do already! Has free shared hosting (link no longer works) too.

Places we may get service from

Reseller Hosting

buyshared.net has reseller plans that look good.


  • We have used virmach.com to test out the system and had 2 VPS instances with the control panel embedded in a page on satoshihost.com – this worked fine. They also have an API so with a good dev we could make it seamless.
  • Linode has a reseller plan.
  • Crowncloud says they will give discount to resell.
  • SimplyHosting offers up to 25% discount and they start from 5 dollars for KVM-like but wondows based virtualization.
  • WindowsVPS.host has windows server and KVM VPSs starting at 5 dollars.
  • This video mentions some towards the end that might be useful for the “free” VPSs.

Dedicated Server

  • Kimsufi has really cheap ones (now all presented together on ovh).
    [update July 2022] Finally got to buy the cheap one but they add VAT regardless of address and they demand some kind of ID so I abandoned it.
  • Pebblehost has them starting at 20 dollars but only one IP address, 4 would +7 dollars.