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Web Hosting

Direct Admin has an API – I don’t yet know what it will allow us to integrate into the site for users to sign up. It may be that we can’t automate account creation and so on. If not we can sell it as personal service, a rare thing. New users, we only need an email address and a choice of skype, telegram or on-site chat or support tickets system. Once they fill that in we can interact directly to find out what they need.

We have a simple system where users deposit whatever funds they like into their account and then whatever sums needed are deducted from their balance as necessary. There are no set plans etc as far as accounting is concerned.

Plans may appear on the user side, where the user prefers to pay a fixed amount per month, but in reality their balance is only deducted when they use resources or incur a standing charge (basic service fee). In this case the user’s balance will continue to increase unless they use more resources than they are paying for. They can stop paying for a while if they like. More details on the Webhost Pricing page.


I asked the host company, they do have an API for the VPS management, but not for VPS creation or purchasing. If we resell their VPSs they will give discount.

I set up an account with EthernetServers, they have a system where we can pay for resources and then let customers choose what VPS size to have. It can be automated.

We could also resell Virmach VPss because they cover the cheaper end and we can embed their control panel like I did before. Maybe by now they will have an API, it was a couple of years ago.