Direct Payments

The mainstream “charities” have an almost zero-effort way to make contributions. Most are direct debit, sending money out of your account every month with no need for you to do anything after you’ve set it up. It looks like we may have a way to make our system almost as easy as that.

Lightning is almost instant transfer of bitcoin from person to person. It costs a couple of cents in fees. Anyone who already has bitcoin can easily set up and fund a lighting wallet, but if you don’t know anything about bitcoin there’s still a way.

Go to Mt Pelerin and first of all change the currency you want to receive to sat from the drop-down menu. BTC will send it to a bitcoin wallet and the fees are much higher that way. Fill out the forms (they won’t ask for KYC). You can then set up a regular direct debit from your bank account to Mt Pelerin and each time your bank sends the funds Mt Pelerin will send the bitcoin to the wallet address you entered. Full instructions are included in the site. So long as you use the correct reference number it will work.

Be sure to change the currency to sat!

The easiest way to get a lighting wallet is to go to and set one up there. You’ll get as your lightning address to send btc to.

Back to Mt Pelerin, If your recipient can liase with you via some messageing app you could cut out one lot of fees by sending direct to your recipient’s lightning address instead of you yours and then from you to your recipient. To confirm that the wallet is one that you have access to, Mt Pelerin will give you an invoice for 1 cent and ask you to send that amount to them. If your recipient can be online the same time as you they can send the 1 cent if you forward on the invoice to them.

This is all you need to do… in theory. We have not tried it yet so Sven and Randy will try it then we can make a clearer how-to section.

  • Bank transfer is way cheaper than credit card.
  • For the first transaction there is a delay of 7 days (for security) but subsequent payments will go as soon as Mt Pelerin receives the payment.
  • In Namibia it seems you can use AstroPay and M-Pesa – M-Pesa works fine for Kenya so hopefully its the same.

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