Personal Project

One person (possibly representing a faimily) has a personal project they want to do. It’s small enough to do it on their own.

  • How much do you need per month to free up the time it will take to do this?
  • What regular expenses will you need per month to buy materials, or to rent space/equipment?
  • Any one-off expenses can go into the crowdfunding section of the site.

This is the simplest scenario. Perhaps someone has a family farm and wants to move from cash crop slavery to permaculture abundance. Or someone in a city wants to rent workshop space to set up an artisan business for example.

It’s just one person or family and they need a certain number of sponsors to commit a regular amount of money each month, to reach the total needed. In most parts of the world, 100 dollars a month would easily free a person to begin a new life and still support their family safely.