Direct Sponsor Society


Direct Charity Society is a Society under Irish common law. It exists to provide online tools which people can use to make charitable contributions to their chosen recipients directly. You do not have to be a Member of the Society to join and use the websites. These articles do not apply to the Beneficiaries of the Society’s work. Users of the facilities provided by the Society are neither affected nor bound by any of these items.


We chose to form a society but in order to protect the projects from interference by control freaks the society is only responsible for presenting and maintaining the system itself. All use of the system is done by individuals and they use the system merely to report actions they took. The society does not have any part in those actions beyond presenting and reporting.

There is no need to have a central controlling body through which the transactions go, therefore we do not have such a body. The avoidance of hierarchical structures is not only to thwart the efforts of non-participants to exercise control over the money flows. This quote covers the rest of the reasons quite well.

“The Chinese word Li may… be understood as organic order, as distinct from mechanical or legal order, both of which go by the book. Li is the asymmetrical, nonrepetitive, and unregimented order which we find in the patterns of moving water, the form of trees and clouds, of frost crystals on the window, or the scattering of pebbles on beach sand.
“If each thing follows its own li it will harmonize with all other things following theirs, not by reason of rule imposed from above but by their mutual resonance (ying) and interdependence.”

-Alan Watts: Tao: The watercourse way