There is nothing to register.

Wow, that’s too short for what I am used to! Here’s some more detail about that nothing:

…and even if there was, it wouldn’t mean a lot. People have been led to believe that registration with a government gives some sort of protection against corruption, but the very governments we can register with are among the most corrupt organizations on earth. The highest ‘authority’ our governments fall under in this part of the world is the European Union, whose auditors have refused to sign off on their accounts for the past 19 years.

The audit, published this morning, found that £109 billion out of a total of £117 billion spent by the EU in 2013 was “affected by material error”. It means that the Brussels accounts have not been given the all clear for 19 years running.

Daily Telegraph 22 April 2015

And here’s a 2015 report, Billions spent by EU was ‘possibly illegal’ Oops! that site is now blocked… in the EU hahahah. Here’s a pdf I kept of the page.

This, of course, is small change when compared to the USA, who do everything bigger:

In the absence of any honest 3rd party who can vouch for the integrity of our system (or any other!), we make our accounts fully open and live, online. They are available in full, down to the last detail, for anyone to examine. Open source accounts are the most reliable method of oversight, just like open source encryption is the most likely to be secure.