Evans’ Conservation Project

This is a project on Rusinga Island. Here is a start to making a coherent page about it for potential sponsors to read.

N.B: This may all seem quite complex but our system will make it simple to use. The complexity is needed for all users to be able to check everything for themselves and know that there is no fraud/deception going on. The background complexity needs to be inconspicuous but available if wanted.


It is running now and so far 200,000 seedlings have been planted. To do it properly will cost around 400 dollars per month,

General Description

  • The team intend to plant another 200,000 trees, at a rate of 50,000 per year, so the porject will last for 4 years.
  • This forest will alleviate the periodic droughts we experience, which cause extreme food shortages insome years. Trees reduce drought both by holding water in the landscape and by causing rain to fall. Also by providing ground cover and binding the soil with their roots, they prevent erosion. Fruit trees and herbs are included in the planting, which also help alleviate food shortages.
  • How will it become self-sustaining in that time? (e.g. the machine to turn pooh into fuel, food crops etc.).

Staffing Details

  • How many staff
  • Job description for each staff type and how many hours and pay.
No.Job TitleHrs/Wk$/MonthTotal
3Nursery Worker3070210
The staff will be individually sponsored so they will not appear in the project budget.

Title Description
Nursery WorkerDaily tree nursry management practices like watering, seed propagation, tracking germination, transplanting, record keeping, dispensing seedlings.to farmers and community.
Co-ordinatorIn addition to the work of the other staff, the coordinator offers a more technical aspect, training, guidance, networking with other stakeholders and overall management.

Staff Members

List by name and link to their member profiles in the site. Member profiles should automatically show a line or section mentioning this job and linking to it.

Regular Expenses

List recurring purcheses needed to supply the project.

Name/DescriptionCost $/Month
Maintenance of buildings, tools and equipment050
Amounts will vary month by month, accounts will show exact details.

One-off Expenses

e.g. machinery, equipment and physical infrastructure for the tree nursery. Each item will become a crowdfunding campaign which will give people who don’t want to (or can’t) make a regular commitment the opportunity to still participate.

The list can be added to and then crossed off and moved to the bottom of the page when achieved (or moved to another page to minimise clutter).

List items should link to a page with more details about the item:

  • A longer description
  • What does it do?
  • How will it benefit the project?
  • Photos and/or video hsowing the item or a similar one.
  • Links to where it is sold (if online) or
  • Photos of it in the shop with the price. In this case links should be provided to show that the shop price is reasonable.
  • Once procured, the receipt will be scanned in. The system will need to provide a facility to host and display such receipts, and to link to them from the accounts page.
  • Wherever the item is listed after procurement, it should link to the accounts page where it is shown and its page should be marked as procured. Any contribution system should be removed (or disabled).
Name/DescCost $
Solar water pump system for the nursery???