Temp Note

Presearch -distributed search engine.

Presearch is a great alternative to all the “alternative” search engines, most of which ultimately use google or bing. In the hamburger menu on the right (once you’re signed up) you can configure your fefault search engine (so you could still use google or bing if you wanted to, just like with the others). You can set presearch engine as your default and then it will sue a decentralized network of peers to get your results. This has worked fine for me for a few years.

To set it as default in chromium (or any other chrome-based browser):

In settings, go to “Search Engine” then “Manage search engines and site search” and click on “Add”.
Fill out the fields as above. Use https://presearch.com/search?q=%s

After clicking “save” click the 3 dots to the right of your new search engine and select “Make Default”.

After this, any query you type in the url bar will go to presearch. You’ll also get pre tokens which you can use to buy ads if you like.