Image Generators

Copyright never bothered me much I would happily mix and match stuff in photoshop. We might get busy though and then we might get sued. There are image generators that might do a good enough job for some things. As an example, simply typing “lottery bitcoin prizes” in on of them (Midjourney) generated this:

It’s possible to expand and enhance images so a lot could be done.

Here’s an article about one of them that also mentions 2 others, I used Midjourney for the above, and it is limited to 25 images, then you have to pay. DALL-E says you can have 50 images per month for free, I have not tried it yet.


[Page here] Midjourney is difficult to use as it is in a discord server so other users images keep popping up and moving your replies away. I imagine something better is given when you pay, but not sure because there are a lot of logins and its not made easy. You seem to have to log in to discord but also get sent to their own pages to log in sometimes too.


[Page here] Signed up but it requires phone 2fa. Seems like a good one though.

Stable Diffusion

[Page here] Tried briefly. A lot less hectic, and seems to work without loggin in. I put in bitcoin lottery and got this choice of 4: