Remote Desktop

Trying rustdesk now, seems ok. If not ok, try guacamole. Also for Home Network

Around 18 mins is ubuntu install, and shows how to change gdm from wayland to Xorg.

GNOME Display Manager – we need to switch to Xorg display manager if we’re using Wayland.

cd /etc/gdm3
sudo nano custom.conf
# Uncomment the line below to force the login screen to use Xorg

So to put it back to wayland add back the #. Seems there is nothing difficult to be done in Mac or Windows, just download and install an app.

Below is old, keeping for reference.

MeshCentral free, open source RMM / RDP / Remote Control.
Also has a public server.
Can do p2p (important to reduce server bandwidth) with WebRTC – check if set WebRTC to true in config.json

This will be useful to help out clickforcharity/directsponsor users and satoshihost tech support.

Making a test installation using these instructions.

Or Remotely instead.