Cockpit Server Interface Can be used to make server management easier for mortals. Has a terminal and lots of admin tools. Already on most repos so e.g. ubuntu

sudo apt install cockpit


It’s got alot of other stuff too, for managing multiple VMs or any servers – More research is necessary!

More info on set up here.


If cockpit doesn’t start, activate the web console with: systemctl enable --now cockpit.socket

software updates

Workaround for “cannot refresh cache whilst offline” when trying to update software.
nmcli con add type dummy con-name fake ifname fake0 ip4 gw4
Network Manager needs to manage at least one interface, otherwise it reports to the system that it’s “offline”. That gives it a fake one to manage.

But! It seems to keep recurring, so maybe the fix doesn’t stick and the problem recurs after a reboot. So how do I make it permanent? Or is there a better solution?