To replace our other monitors and remove the need to open and juggle multiple free accounts. Uptime-kuma (github) seems ok to run on low resources and had unlimited monitoring with public pages. Good dev and under active development. Of all the commercial ones I tried, UptimeRobot.com had the best user interface and Kuma is very similar.


We can offer an uptime monitor page for:

  • Each individual satoshihost.com user.
  • All our own VPSs / Servers / websites
  • Notify us when any users website goes down (automated preemptive troubleshooting maybe?)
  • Each individual user of the free and open source system.


uptime-kuma – trying on vps ES 1 
Here are instructions for ubuntu.

Apparently we could use apprise with it for push notifications.

Working, on the linux.d54377.com hostname.