To replace our other monitors and remove the need to open and juggle multiple free accounts. Uptime-kuma (github) seems ok to run on low resources and had unlimited monitoring with public pages. Good dev and under active development. Of all the commercial ones I tried, UptimeRobot.com had the best user interface and Kuma is very similar.


We can offer an uptime monitor page for:

  • Each individual satoshihost.com user.
  • All our own VPSs / Servers / websites
  • Notify us when any users website goes down (automated preemptive troubleshooting maybe?)
  • Each individual user of the free and open source system.

Apparently we could use apprise with it for push notifications.

Working, on the ES2 (e491a9).


uptime-kuma – trying on vps ES 2
Here are instructions for ubuntu. [ but that didn’t work, it says it’s running but no web showing. maybe this one will work, it uses docker instead.

There were problmes during install, npm reporting moderate and severe vulnerabilities. I got rid of the severe ones with npm audit fix and npm audit fix --force but there are still 2 moderate ones left which won’t go away.

I tried 2 different ways to install node.js but both gave me problems with unsupported components, and unresolvable security errors. Use docker instead. These instructions worked for installing docker, after which

docker run -d --restart=always -p <YOUR_PORT>:3001 -v <YOUR_DIR OR VOLUME>:/app/data --name uptime-kuma louislam/uptime-kuma:1

worked, so long as you select docker and not node.